Industry Certification

Students completing the Horticulture Program at Williston High School have the opportunity to become a Certified Horticulture Professional  through the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Assocation.  The certification program is the industry's only standards for measuring horticulture knowledge on plant and pest identification, safety, and  landscape management.  Student must pass four different exams in order to earn their certification.  The exam sections include: Plant ID, Horticulture Practices, Safety, and General Horticulture (Open Book).  Students at WHS enrolled in the fourth year course have already completed the Safety section of the exam.  All students passed the first section!  The exam fee is $85.00 and is paid by the school districut using  CAPE funds generated through bonus FTE funding.  A state-wide articulation agreement provides 3 college credits for students that earn the certification.  Students must enroll in an A.S. degree program in Landscape and Horticulture Technology at a Florida college to receive the articulated college credit.




Other Industry Certifcations Include ADOBE, Microsoft Office Specialist, and Certified Nursing Assistant.  



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